Our new Hunter XL Molding machine is high innovative in match plate design. The XL is the most technologically advanced match plate molding machine built for today's foundries to produce the highest quality casting.

Features that include:

- AutoLock hydraulic pattern clamping that eliminates the need for pattern bolt-down and provides true drop-in pattern changing capabilities;
- Squeezelogic system digitally controls the compaction speed while producing a uniformly hard, superior quality mold;
- Zero clearance
- Patented air assisted drag mold release allows for harder squeeze and higher speed while drawing cleaner pockets.


- Mold size - 508 mm/610mm/216mm
- Molding speed - 180 cycles per hour
- Sand requirements - 180 kg/mold
- Squeeze Surface Pressure - 142 psi (10kg/cm2)

Casting in shell forms is secured with equipment for mix preparation (plating installation, heart and shell machines) guaranteeing manufacture of serial quantities of castings.

- Foundry conveyer
- Heart machines Roeperwerk, НОРД, SCB-10, HEE-6,5 for heart manufacture using "Hot Box" method
- Shell machines SMM-2030/SBM 1520
- Cleaning machines for castings - ball hurling drum, ball hurling chamber of "G.Fisher" Company.

Cleaning of internal surfaces combined with artificial ageing of castings "KOLENE - PROCESS"

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