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Technical parameters

Flow (max.) 50 l/min.
Max operating pressure: port P - 250 bar, ports A and B - 300 bar.
Back pressure (max.) port T - 20 bar.
Internal leakage A(B)>T 10 cm3/min at 100 bar.
Fluid Mineral base oil
Fluid temperature -20C to 80C
Viscosity 15 to 75 mm2/s
Max. contamination level -/19/16 - ISO 4406
Ambient temperature for working conditions -40C to 60C
Spool stroke 3.2 mm
Actuating force < 220 N


Z50A1ESD is the new generation of our monoblock directional control valves - solenoid operated Z50ES and also offers perfect choice whether you are designing a new system or just simply trying to get more out of your current system. With two special spools and option of having 7 spool valve body configuration these valves can meet the specific needs of your application. Its new feature is that the control is achieved by double solenoid with spring return to neutral position, available with emergency manual override. Due to it's relation to the earlier Z50ES the bodies are interchangeable requiring only spool seals change.

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