PX 120 Heavy Duty

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Technical parameters

Ambient temperature -40C...+60C
Hydraulic liquid - mineral oil based hydraulic oil
Viscosity 12 ...800 mm2/s
Fluid temperature -15C...+80C
Filtration 10 to NAS 1638
Max operating pressure, P=250; T=50 bar A , B = 300 bar
Leakage(A,B-T) 30cm3/min at 120bar
Nominal flow 120 l/min
Spool stroke 10 mm,L12+/-10/6
Actuating force < 300 N


The directional control valve PX-120 is a monoblock type with built-in relief valve. It is performed in variants with 2 ore 4 spools. Provides parallel, serial or parallel serial distribution.To each of the spools may be built-in secondary relief or anticavitation valves.It may be completed with a high pressure end fitting and with pressure gauge socket.


The body is made of cast iron GJL-300, and the spools are made of carburized steel with hard chrome plating.


The distributor is fixed with 3 bolts –ú10.

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