3 wayDiverterRRV

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Technical parameters

Ambient temperature -15C...+50C
Hydraulic liquid -mineral oil based/hydraulic oil
Nominal flow 120 l/min
Max operating pressure, with/without L 250 bar
Fluid temperature -30C...+80C
Viscosity 15 - 380 mm2/s


RRV 3/2 or 3/3 circuit selector valve is designed to handle flow rates up to 120 l/min(32GPM) at a maximum pressure 250 bar(3630 psi).


The valve can be equipped with a number of different spools to provide 3/2 as well as 3/3 functions. The RRV can be controlled either by hand or any direct acting force on the spool in combination with spring center or detent mechanizm.


The RRV... can be equipped with pneumatic and hydraulic control.

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