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Technical parameters

Nominal flow rating 16 l/min
Max operating pressure, P=250; T=10 bar A , B = 300 bar
Leakage (A,B>T) 20 cm3/min at 120 bar
Hydraulic liquid Mineral base oil
Viscosity 12...400 mm2/s
Fluid temperature -20C to 80C
Ambient temperature -40C...+60C
Spool stroke 8.5/10.5 mm
Actuating force <220 N


The P81 Rs is a log splitter valve like its earlier version P81 A2, but now it features an extremely fast "rapid extend" high speed mod. The P81 Rs has been specifically designed to reduce system cost by allowing a single stage pump to be used in systems currently using two stage (hi-low) pumps. When extra force is required the P81 Rs allows the user to manually shift from high speed mode to high force mode. A "soft stop" differentiates between high force and high speed mods.


The hydraulic distributor Р81 is a mono-block distributor with manual control. The body is made of cast iron EN-GJL300, and the spool is made of carburized steel with hard chrome plating.


The distributor is fixed with 3 (three) bolts М8.

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