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Technical parameters

Nominal flow l/min (gpm) 160 (42)
Max. operating pressure bar (psi) 315 (4600)
Max. back pressure bar (psi) 25 (360)
Internal leakage (standard) A(B) to T at 100 bar (40 deg. C) ccm/min 8
Hydraulic liquid mineral oil based/hydraulic oil
Fluid temperature deg. C (deg. F) when with NBR seals -20 to 80 (-4 to 176)
Fluid temperature deg. C (deg. F) when with FPM seals -20 to 100 (-4 to 212)
Viscosity, operating range cSt 15 to 75
Max. contamination level -10/19/16 - ISO 4406
Ambient temperature for working conditions (for mech. device) deg. C (deg. F) -40 to 60 (-40 to 140)
Modification/Sections up to 12


The hydraulic distributor KS180 is used for switching on/off and directing the working fluid between head flow generators (hydraulic pumps), head flow consumers (hydraulic cylinders, motors, etc.), and the tank.


KS180 is a simple, compact and heavy duty designed sectional valve from 1 to 12 sections for open and closed center hydraulic systems. It is fitted with a main pressure relief valve and a load check valve on every working section. It is currently available with parallel circuit. Optional carry-over port. Available manual, pneumatic, proportional hydraulic spool control kits. Spool diameter is 20 mm.