ZC100 ES

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Technical parameters

Modification / Max. Sections 10
Nominal flow 100 l/min
Internal leakage A(B)-T,P=120bar viscosity 35mm2/s max 20-40 ccm/min
Spools , Schemes Double , Single Acting
CCoils , connector ISO 4400 12VDC,24VDC
P,T - G3/4 , SAE12 A,B - G1/2,G3/4, SAE10&12


The sectional control valves-solenoid operated, offer a perfect choice for the designers of new applications. With eight special spools these valves can meet the specific needs and variations of your application and hydraulic schemes, by their double and single acting spools.


The mounting is the same as standart sectional valves using bolts M8 or complete line of stud kits.

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