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Technical parameters

Ambient temperature -40C...+60C
Hydraulic liquid -mineral oil based/hydraulic oil
Viscosity 20 ...100 mm/s
Fluid temperature -15C...+80C
Max operating pressure, P=210; T<50 bar A , B = 250 bar
Leakage 18cm3/min at 120bar
Nominal flow 80 l/min
Maximal flow 100 l/min
Spool stroke +/- 7 mm
Actuating force < 200 N
Modification/Sections up to 8


The hydraulic distributor Р100 is used for switching on/off and directing the working fluid between head flow generators (hydraulic pumps), head flow consumers (hydraulic cylinders, motors, etc.), and the tank.


РC100 is a sectional directional control valve with manual control. The distributors are manufactured as either parallel or serial working flow distribution versions. They can be integrated in packages of up to 8 sections.


The distributor is fixed with 3 (three) bolts М8.

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